Argentrade is committed to delivering high quality frozen food

Over the last 25 years, pork has been one of our main product categories. We are well informed about the pork market and offer a diverse range of frozen pork cuts. We help producers to grow their business by leveraging our knowledge of local and worldwide markets. We know how to meet customer requirements!

Products that we offer:

  • pork bacon
  • pork belly
  • pork carcass
  • pork chops
  • pork collar
  • pork front feet
  • pork head
  • pork hind feet
  • pork leg
  • pork loin
  • pork offals
  • pork riblet
  • pork shoulder
  • pork spareribs

Argentrade is a specialist in poultry sourcing. Poultry meat is among our most important product groups. We deliver a full range of chicken, hen, turkey and duck meat cuts from major production regions across the globe. Our broad knowledge of poultry cuts and customer specifications enables us to deliver top quality for the best price.

Products that we offer:

  • chicken legs
  • chicken offals
  • chicken wings
  • duck legs
  • duck offals
  • duck wings
  • hen legs
  • hen offals
  • hen wings
  • turkey legs
  • turkey offals
  • turkey wings
  • whole chicken
  • whole duck
  • whole hen
  • whole turkey

At Argentrade we have access to global sources. We work directly with fishing vessels and processing factories. We offer high quality frozen fish and seafood in two categories: ground fish and pelagic. As a full-service company, we deliver frozen fish to any port in the world.

Products that we offer:

  • alaska polka
  • barracuda
  • catfish
  • cod
  • croaker
  • hake
  • herring
  • horse mackerel
  • kingfish
  • mackerel
  • pangasius
  • red pacu
  • red porgy
  • salmon
  • tilapia
  • yellow tail

Argentrade is a supplier of beef products for international markets. We source our beef products from a select group of producers. Due to a close relationship with these suppliers we can deliver a wide range of frozen beef cuts and guarantee high quality and competitive pricing.

Products that we offer:

  • beef flank
  • beef forequarter
  • beef hindquarter
  • beef offals
  • beef shin
  • beef striploin

Argentrade is a worldwide supplier of frozen potato products. We source our French fries and other potato specialties mainly from Belgium. French fries are packed under our own premium label, Coldstars and represent consistent and excellent quality.Furthermore, we pack frozen potato products in tailor made private labels for customers worldwide.

Products that we offer:

  • crinkle cut fries
  • potato bravas
  • potato croquettes
  • potato duchesses
  • potato noisettes
  • potato slices
  • potato wedges
  • shoestring fries
  • steakhouse fries
  • straight cut fries

As a service for our customers, Argentrade can also supply dry products such as sardines, malt drinks and spaghetti. These dry products are packed under our own premium labels such as Saggia or La Fish.

Products that we offer:

  • sardines
  • malt drinks
  • spaghetti

helping develop brands

At Argentrade we have a passion for international trading, marketing and branding. We continuously look for ways to provide genuine value to our partners. We support our customers to build their markets and offer them selective or exclusive distribution to increase their profitability. Our premium brands represent excellent quality-controlled products. Our packaging is professionally designed and tailored for specific markets with distinctive brand identity.